How It Works


So you’re probably wondering – why is everything free? What’s the catch? We make a percentage from each product sale after costs are deducted. Below is a sample breakdown of a light-colored shirt sold at $25.

There are a few factors that affect the production cost, such as:

  • Type of garment
  • Garment color
  • Back print


We offer international shipping and can send orders worldwide ?

Customers pay for shipping at time of checkout. Nothing is deducted from your payout ?

Packages ship through USPS for Domestic orders, and UPS for International ?

What We Can Do

MerchLabs allows you flexibility on your merch. Here’s what we can and can’t do with our normal merch offerings.


  • Multiple Garments
  • Front / Back Prints
  • Unlimited Color


  • Sleeve Prints
  • Size Labels
  • All-over Prints