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Merchandising Evolved

MerchLabs gives you the complete merch solution with zero risk. Welcome to the future of merchandising.

Premium Quality Goods

We build your merch on high quality apparel and product blanks

Professional Graphic Designers

Our in-house design team helps take your brand to the next level

Custom eCommerce Websites

We set up and maintain your entire eCommerce store

Automated Merchandising Model

We send you regular merch designs – promote only the ones that you like!


Take your brand to the next level with mobile apps, websites, eBooks, and other digital products.

Our Partners

Over 160 brands, influencers, organizations, and artists trust MerchLabs with their merch and digital presence.

Think you’d be a good fit?

15 Years of History

Our team pulls experience from over 15 years of working at the crossroads of digital, entertainment, and product as Deep Fried Productions.